Top Government Officials Implicated In Land Grabbing

CES Minister of Local Government Albert Pitia (left) and his Animal Resources and Livestock counterpart Ladu Bureng were summoned Tuesday by the State Assembly over illegal land dealings. [Gurtong/ Waakhe Simon Wudu]

The state parliament has launched a crackdown on the individuals involved in the practices.

The news emerged after a report from an investigation commissioned by the state parliament’s ad hoc committee on land was tabled Tuesday.

Four Ministers were summoned before parliament Tuesday to provide insights into the illegal land deals.

The State Minister of Animal Resources and Livestock Ladu Bureng was yesterday summoned over the report implicating him to land grabbing in Jebel Market.

The former State Minister of Physical Infrastructure has been accused of grabbing two plots in Jebel Market from Kator Payam in class four and many others.

He is also alleged to have allocated grabbed plots to his relatives with others written in the names of his children during his tenure.

His successor, current State Advisor on Animal Resources and Livestock John Lado Tombe was also summed over the issue.

Other Ministers summoned during the sitting chaired by the Deputy Speaker Hasten Yokwe, were the current Minister of Physical infrastructure Suba Samuel and the Minister of Local Government Albert Pitia.

The session was however disrupted by Ministers who raised unrelated issues in a bid to sweep the issue under the carpet.

However, interjections from senior MPs in the House brought order and the grilling proceeded.

The Deputy Speaker ruled that the Ministers be given one week to report back to the Assembly before action is taken.

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