Farmers Urged To Produce More

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The exhibition was organised by the State Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry in collaboration with National Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperative and Rural Development under the theme ‘Appropriate Technology for increased food production’.

The leaders discouraged the local population from continuously relying on food importation from foreign countries but to practice food production in the state.

The State Director General of the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry in Anne Itwari noted that farmers need appropriate technology that is relevant, adoptable and affordable to help boost production.

She revealed that in preparations for this achievement, committees in villages have to display and elaborate the adopted appropriate technologies.

She said that food security in the state is achievable if focus is shifted towards harnessing water for irrigations, draft power for animals’ traction and Agro forestry for improved environment.

Itwari said that crop husbandry focuses on good agronomic practices and coordination with chain actors in place.           

Among the varieties put for exhibition were sorghum, maize, water melons, groundnuts, bananas, cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, egg plants, sweet paper, oranges, finger millet, okra, and pumpkin.

The State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperative and Rural Development Mark Akio Ukinbul said the government policy spearheaded by his ministry focuses on economic empowerment and realizing food security in the state.

On behalf of the governor, the Deputy Governor Jerome Gama Surur appreciated the state farmers for being excellent despites crops failure notably in the Greater Kapoeta counties and advised them not to give up cultivations especially in the coming season.

“We are grateful for your responses to the call by the government to utilize the Fridays. Today is your day, a day of solidarity with you the farmers, a day of recognition of your efforts by the state government during the year 2012 through now. These presents opportunities and potentials for growing various foods to make the state food secure and economically viable,” said Surur in a speech from the governor.

He said the state covers an estimated area of 82,540 square kilometres which are divided into ecological zones. Out of this, 64,543 square kilometres is fertile arable land receiving adequate and sufficient rainfall annually.

He said we have one more liberation war to undertake, war against hunger and poverty.

“You are in the forefront against this war of hunger and poverty,” he added.

Surur assured the citizens that the state government is committed to fighting hunger and poverty through its priority policy of exploiting opportunities and potentials of agriculture by empowering farmers and creating an enabling environment for them to have a vibrant agriculture to improve food security in the state.

He said this policy is framed to achieve the state vision of ‘improved livelihoods for a prosperous, peaceful, and harmonious society living with dignity and equal opportunities for social and economic growth’.

Akio said the agricultural Showcase Day is importance because the purpose is to boost the sector by involving the local production.

Torit County Commissioner William Oyet Omoro congratulated the farmers on their great day and commented food must come first in everything that happens.

He said it is a shame to continued importing food from foreign countries saying we have to encourage our own food production.

Key dignitaries attended the event including state ministers, government advisors civil society, different partners from the sector, farmers associations and groups, women and youths.

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