Football Association Issues Tourney Rules

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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For the first division teams, the ToLFA management in collaboration with its organizing committee, the national South Sudan Football Association, FIFA and the state Ministry of Social Development, Culture, Youth and Sports states that all the matches are organized in accordance with the laws and rules promulgated by FIFA.

Issuing it on behalf of the local Association, the Torit Local Football Association Chairperson, Charles Udwar Ukech quoted the guidelines provided that two matches will be played per day in evening in two separate fields.

Checking time is 4:30PM and kick-off time is 4:45PM.

The teams are to depend on players registered in their list issued by the Torit Local Football Association and the teams must show their identity cards issued to them by the association for the year 2013.

According to the rules issued, a maximum of seven substitutes may be nominated and each team shall substitute three players only including the goalkeeper.

Substitution can only be made when play is stopped for any reason and the referee has given permission.

Prior to the substitution being made the Club/coach/manager must identify to the Match Officials the number of the player out and the player in, in accordance with the Official Team Sheet.

Each team shall bring at least one ball in good condition ready for use plus 25 SSP. Failure to pay 25 SSP within 15 Minutes from kick off time, the team shall be considered defeated 2-0, the rules say.

The organizing committee has the right to amend the programme when it is necessary.

Each team before the beginning of the match gives the referees and a representative of their opponents three copies of the list of its players and substitute who shall not be more than seven, numbers of the shirts they are wearing and names of the members of the technical body, whose numbers shall not be more than five and identification cards shall be shown.

The organizing committee shall have to fine the team that failed to show it and it is not permissible for any team to refuse a referee who is appointed for the match or demand his change.

In case of non-natural disasters factors or any other conditions or postponement of the match is to be decided by the referee and the match shall be scheduled by the Administrative body and it is not permissible for any team to reject it.

Each team has to use headed papers when presenting a copy list of its players to the referee.

The teams must use headed papers concerning the letter being addressed to the Administration of Torit Local Football Association.

The team who won the match has three points and gains one points in case of draw and zero if they lose.

The competition tournament is played in two rounds, the team who scored the highest points is the champion of the tournament for Torit Local Football Association while the last two teams who have less points will be relegated/dropped to second division (for first division teams only) and two teams from second division (champion and the runner-up i.e. second team) will qualify directly to first division while the last four teams will be relegated / dropped to third division.

Each team must come with/wear a full set (shirts, shorts, stockings and shin guard).

Torit premier Cup is the property of the association and when the winning Club has been ascertained, the Association shall deliver the Cup to such Club, which shall be responsible for its return to the Association on or before the first day in March in the ensuing year in good order and condition.

Should the Cup be lost, destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause whilst under the care or custody of the Club, the Club shall refund to the Association the amount of its current insured value or the cost of thorough repair in addition to any other penalty which the organizing committee may impose.

Matches abandoned through the fault of the Clubs shall be dealt with by the Administrative Body as stipulated in SSFA general rules and regulation.

The management urges all the clubs’ players alongside coaches captains or managers to abide by the issued rules and regulations.

The league kicked off yesterday in Torit.

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