Bor Residents Complain Of High Boda-Boda Charges

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Last month, the National Minister of Interior issued an order banning all foreigners from the business in South Sudan.

Speaking to Gurtong, a Jonglei state citizen, Gatluak Dak called upon the local riders not to charge passengers very highly. 

“The way I see charges of Boda-Boda compared to when foreigners were here is now very high.  Like the distance of SSP5 is now SSP10 and the distance that was charged SSP3 is now SSP5,” Gatluak Dak said.

He urged the state government to intervene while David Alier, another state citizen working for Relief Rehabilitation says the problem facing the passengers in the town is the shortage of motorbikes.

“The only problem is that the motorbikes are very few and sometimes we walk as people who don’t have things that can facilitate us to our places of work. So, you wait for 15 to 20 minutes looking for boda-boda. That is the only problem that I have seen,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Alier is happy because most of the citizens are benefiting from the business not the foreigners like before.

The Director of Traffic Police, Col. Solomon Mabior Ruar confirmed the transport challenges, saying his office has forwarded the issue to the authority of Bor town.

“Many complaints came to us that local boda-boda riders are charging the citizens very high. We have made a committee and it came up with a proposal of distances and their charges are already put in place,” Mabior said.

“We have submitted our proposal to the mayor of Bor town in order to put it into law, our work is to propose but it should be the mayor to put it into law and announce it to the citizens so that people are not cheated.”

According to the public, expulsion of foreign boda-boda riders has led to less tax revenue they used to collect from the Boda-Boda Association in the state.

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