Yei Municipality Gets Medical Donations

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The items worth $ 6,750 (SSP 20,000) included 32 different kinds of medicines, sanitary equipments and office stationeries.

Pastor Salah James Abraham the founder and the Director of Grace Medical Centre Yei said the medical Centre was purposely opened to help the community, not only treating the sick patients but rather reaching out the basic services to the entire population of Yei and South Sudan.

Salah said for South Sudan to develop, it calls for a collective responsibility, adding that the government and the private sectors have to join hands together so as to boost development in the country.

He added this move is to enable the sensitization of the people to live in a health environment in the municipality and the entire country.

The Health Centre also donated sanitary equipment including T-shirts, reflector half coats, heavy duty gloves, dust filter, gum boot and rakes to the public health department Yei.

The Housing and Survey department also received slashers, panga knives, metallic measuring tapes, gum boots and leather sun caps to make their work easy the department deals with land surveying and moves in harmful areas which needs protection.

The education department is also one of the beneficiaries of this donation as it received 40 reams of examination duplication papers aimed at facilitating the duplication of the exams papers as students prepare to sit for their final exams next month.

Last week the National Ministry of Education carried out an assessment in Yei schools with preliminary findings showing that most schools lack pens, papers and text books for secondary schools.

This move is believed to close the existing wide gap in material provision to the schools in the Municipality and Yei County.

The office of the Mayor and the Commissioner of Yei River County also benefited from the donation in terms of stationaries such as box files, photocopying papers, spring files and T-shirts.

Her worship Cecilia Oba Tito, the mayor of Yei Municipality, heart fully welcomed the donation to the Municipal and the County and urging the rest of the partners to do the same as Grace Medical Centre in supporting the Government in the provision of other services.

Grace Medical Centre is the first private health facility to give such a humanitarian support to the government and the people of Yei Municipality, Yei River County and the entire population of South Sudan.

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