Poor Road Hampers Trade In Jur River

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

“The business could not go ahead without good road that could allow us to transit goods from Wau,” a business man who identified himself as John Achuil Mayut told Gurtong in Nyin-akok town.

These are many people living this town but poor road from Wau does not attract traders to expand their business to the area.

However the county authority is currently working hard to triumph development in the area.

“What the authority would have done first was supposed to improve the road conditions linking Nyin-akok to Wau,” he said.

He said local traders are using bicycles and motorists to transport their goods from Wau.

He said most people in the area do travel long distances of more than 30 miles to Wau to buy their goods and if the road was better, they would have gotten what they want within the town. 

Speaking to Gurtong, county commissioner John Arop Madut Apia said the county has in recent days received a Chinese construction company that will in few days start bush clearing on the Nyin-akok road.

Nyin-akok town only has nine shops.

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