Diocese Donates Warehouse To Farmers

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Speaking during the function, the diocese’s human resource manager, Joseph Ziazia Kanido told the people of Gangura that the store is for their own benefit.

He encouraged all farmers to work hard in order to fill the warehouse and take good care of it by keeping the surroundings clean.

Mr. Ziazia stated that all farmers are encouraged to keep their farm produce in the warehouse; saying it is not only for Catholics.

He encouraged women to be part of development by forming or joining existing groups of men and women so that enough food products can be stored for market and feeding children.

The Sustainable Livelihood Production Officer in the Diocese Tartizio Wandu Bimo urged farmers to bring their farm products to the warehouse for safety and leave only small quantity for home consumption.

He said farmers from Nabiapai, Kindi, Birisi, Masumbu and Baakiwiri are encouraged to store in Gangura ware house.

According to Mr. Wandu, the diocese built two warehouses in Rimenze and Gangura Payams because farmers in those areas sold about eight tons of Maize to World Food Programme through the Sustainable Livelihood Programmes.

Gangura Executive chief Simon Thomas thanked the Catholic Bishop of Tombura Yambio for the love and great work he is doing to the communities.

He promised to work hand in hand with the local farmers in order to produce enough food this year and fill the warehouse.

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