7 Killed In Fresh Cattle Raid In Warrap

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Warrap State Caretaker Minister of Information, Paul Dhel Gum said the surprised attack occurred on Turalei town and other areas deep in Twic County that were believed to be peaceful and secure.

“On 1/3/2014 at around 3:30am, a group of armed men from unity state attacked Turalei Town of Twic County in Warrap state,” Dhel said.
“The incidence caught our citizens by surprise as the attackers entered deep into the county from the areas we expect to be peaceful in Unity State.”

The minister said at least nine natives were killed and 11 others were wounded by the attackers believed to have come from the neighbouring Mayom County of Unity State.

The attackers drove away with them scores of herds of cattle.
“Number of herds of cattle was raided. The state security committee headed by the deputy governor arrived at the scene of the fighting and later was on joined by Hon Governor Nyandeng Malek who flew from Juba direct to Turalei to have a quick assessment of the situation,” Dhel explained.

Nyandeng according to the minister urged the local people to exercise
maximum self control not to revenge.Dhel blamed the attack on cattle raiders not rebels as others suspected.

“This attack is one of the numbers of attacks carried out by cattle raiders from Unity State to several areas in Warrap but they are always defeated by our youth and organized forces.”

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