First Lady Donates Food To Bor Residents

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The first lady sent a delegation to Bor to deliver the relief items to the recipients there over the weekend. Speaking to the gathering on behave of the first Lady, Naomi Adhieu, expressed concern about women and children who have been displaced by the recent violence.

“Take the little items we brought for you,” Adhieu said on Saturday in Bor while delivering the items.  “We are always with you all the time. Your suffering is ours. Come back to your homes in Bor and the government will protect and support you.”

The two trucks relief items worth- 60 metric tons of maize flour, beans, blankets, tarpaulins and other items were handed over to Jonglei’s acting governor and the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission for distribution.

The RRC decided to give the aid from the first lady to residents outside of the UN compound in Bor.

According to the RRC boss Gabriel Deng Ajak, Bor’s population was around 300,000 before the conflict began but has now reduced to less than 200 civilians who returned to the town in late January after relative calm was restored.

Many residents fled to Awerial County in neighbouring Lakes state, while others are displaced to neighbouring Ethiopia.

Hunger is most common problem faced by the civilians in Bor.

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