Lakes State’s New Ministers Take Oath

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This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The new ministers who took the oath of allegiance on Tuesday include; Marik Nanga Marik (Information), Jok Ayom Majak (Local Government), Mayen Kuc Adhil (Physical Infrastructure), Alpayo Adet (Agriculture), Dhieu Wal Takping (Labour) and Dut Makoi Kuok (Education).

The new state advisors are Adak Costa Mapuor (Gender and human right affairs) and Marial Amuom Malek (security).

The governor also appointed Madong William Mading as the new Commissioner for Rumbek East County replacing Mr. David Marial Gumke, Marial Machar replaces Mathiang Deng Monydit as the new commissioner of Rumbek North County and Mawat Manuer takes over from Mayen Kuc as the Rumbek Central Commissioner.

The governor’s new appointments have seen some of his critics rise to senior government positions. Four of the new ministers had earlier opposed Dhuol’s decisions in parliament as legislators.

The swearing in ceremony organized by the State (Lakes) Government Secretariat General according to some party members did not meet normal procedure of notification to the ruling party members. 

Some party members boycotted the swearing in ceremony, claiming they were not informed and invited. 

Since his appointment, Dhuol has been at odds with students, young people and intellectuals over the manner in which he handles state affairs.

There have been several attempts by activists to have him removed but only the president has the preserve to do so.

Under South Sudan’s transitional constitution 2011, an election should have been held within 90 days after the sacking of the former state Governor Tong Chol Mayay 13 months ago.

Last week, the Governor closed two military prisons which he had established to detain political opponents and cattle raiding suspects in the state.

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