Egyptian Doctors To Operate Akon Clinic In Warrap

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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State Health Minister Hon. Paul Dhel Gum said he met with Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan in Juba to the Cairo government to intervene in order to salvage the dire health situation in the area.

According to Gum, the Egyptian Embassy constructed a well-equipped clinic in Akon Payam to help the population in the area but doctors evacuated the area due to the alleged “coup attempt” last year in December.

However, he said four Egyptian doctors are expected to come to Warrap State in two weeks to resume work.

“I met with Egyptian ambassador, Ayman Elgammal in his office in Juba. We discussed the reopening of Egyptian clinic in Akon Payam of Gogrial West County in Warrap state,” the state health minister said. 

“We asked the Ambassador to revise his contacts with his government authorities. And for sure I got he had already applied to Cairo for the comeback of the doctors. He realized that Warrap State is more stable and not much affected by the on-going armed conflict in the country.” 

The minister praised the Egyptian government for their support to
South Sudan particularly the people of Warrap state.

“As the rainy season started earlier, we are expecting more cases of malaria and other epidemics. The clinic will play a greater role in serving not only Akon Payam but Twic County and the neighbouring Aweil South and Aweil East counties in NBGS,” he said. 

The National Ministry of Health will nominate one doctor to run the Akon clinic together with the four Egyptian doctors according to the minister.

Egypt, the minister said has also pledged to the health officers in the clinic as assistance to the government of South Sudan.

Gum revealed that the ambassador promised to lobby for support of the state hospital with anaesthetic machine, ultra sound system plus ten maternity beds.

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