Inflated Sacrificial Animal prices driving people away

It’s that time of the year when people in Pakistan get out of their homes to search for Sacrificial Animals for Eidul Azha. Back in the days many families looked forward to buying the sacrificial animals of their choice and it was an event in itself. But off late due to the inflated prices of animals coupled with the overall inflation it has become a headache for many.

According to a close observant, traders have brought sacrificial animals, including cows and buffaloes from all parts of the country, but the buying activity has not yet gathered momentum.

According to animal traders, they import the cattle from Bahawalpur, Layyah, Lahore, Dera Ghazi khan and Multan mostly. They said that the transportation charges per truck had increased from Rs15,000 last year to Rs25,000 now. Similarly, due to destruction of vegetation in floods the price of dry grass has also gone up from Rs500 per 40kg bundle to Rs3, 000.

Raheel Gul of Bakhshi Pul, who had been in the business for over a decade said “Compared to last year the local tax at different cattle markets in Punjab has been doubled and in addition the truckers are charging up to Rs70,000 for transportation of 40 animals from Punjab to Peshawar,” 

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