Marriage and parenthood are crucial matters for Singapore

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu alleges that encouraging immigration does not imply that marriages and parenthood objectives have been overlooked by the Singaporean government.

She was addressing the Parliament on Tuesday when she insisted that both marriage and parenthood have considerable importance in the Government’s policies. Nevertheless, the government has a realistic approach towards how quickly birthrates can improve. The ultimate objective is to raise the total fertility rate from 1.2 to 1.4 to 1.5.

Fu also highlighted that Government is determined towards increased immigrations; however, it is more focused on better quality. She made reference to tightening citizenship criteria of 2009. Talking about jeopardizing the Singaporean identity with the influx of several foreigners, Fu insisted that integration efforts are a vital set off to the immigration policy and significant in strengthening the Singaporean core.

“In our deliberations on what is the best way forward for Singapore, Singaporeans were at the heart of our considerations, and a strong Singaporean core was our objective. What does this mean? In my view, a strong Singaporean core is one where Singaporeans have a sense of well-being and belonging in a place where we can all call ‘home’.

“Well-being comes both from the tangibles – having fulfilling jobs and a good quality living environment – as well as the intangibles – strong supportive families, values that connect us and a collective hope for a brighter future.”

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