Taliban leader Mullah Omar lashes out at the United States

Taliban have officially held the US responsible for the deadlock in Qatar dialogue. Taliban leader Mullah Omar issued a statement on Tuesday blaming the US for hampering the peace process. On the other hand, the US government and military forces have incessantly expressed concern over the location of Taliban’s political office. Therefore, instead of discussing crucial matters with the terrorist group, the US officials are putting in efforts to have the office relocated.

Taliban’s political office in Qatar was initially meant to bridge the gap between Afghan government and the Taliban. However, international bodies quickly paved way to serve their purposes by using the same channel. The process was impeded when Taliban erected their flag and put up a sign as if the office were an embassy.

“The political office (in Qatar) proved that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [the name used by the group during their rule in 1996-2001] has shown and is showing honesty and commitment to resolve problems of its oppressed people in the light of Islamic principles and national interests. But the invaders and their allies are creating obstacles in the way of resolving problems by making various pretexts,” Omar said in a statement.

Omar has clearly stated that Taliban will not ceasefire against foreign forces; however, they are prepared for a dialogue process. He also explained that Taliban are strictly against any security pact between the US and the Karzai regime that will allow military presence beyond 2014.

“The aim of our contacts and talks with the invaders, who are conducted through the Political Office (in Qatar) is to put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan,” Omar added.

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