SAF ‘Highly Connected’ Force For 2030

The Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen outlined today a commitment to continue the Singapores “steady” investment in its defence to achieve its aim targeted for 2030 of a “highly connected” military force. In this February Singapore announced the 2014 defence budget of approximately SGD12.56 billion (USD9.93 billion), which is a 3.2% increase over the spending done in 2013. The allocation has increased to 22% of the total annual government expenditure and 3.3% of GDP.

Speaking to the Singapore’s parliament on today, Ng told that the appropriation is in line with the country’s long-term approach to defence spending. He further announced in the Parliament that the army was “under no pressure” to reduce the duration of NS.

“The largest impact of employing more regular trainers … will be on the training of our full-time National Servicemen (NSF), and I think there can be some time savings,” he said. “Because in the present system, some time is required for second-year NSF trainers to adapt themselves to the training environment in their units and training schools. So, having regular trainers will smooth this transition.” He further added, “Let me quell unrealistic expectations. The time savings will be a few weeks at most, if any. I am not making any promises here because the Army has to study many details to ensure that we can continue to generate operationally ready units.”

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