Fatal tidal surge hit Britain’s coastal areas

The worst tidal surge in 60 years hit the coastal areas of Britain claimed two lives after authorities evacuated thousands residents of the area.

The Environmental Agency has provided the estimations that improved sea defences proved to be helpful to protect more than 800,000 homes, but when the surge combined with high tides and strong winds many barriers get breached.

The weather is said to be easing now, however, the people are asked to be prepared as flooding is expected to continue throughout Friday.

On Friday morning the Environment Agency issued 25 severe flood warnings have been issued in the areas where flooding poses a danger to life, as well as 102 flood warnings and 54 flood alerts.

After a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee on Friday, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has warned: “There will still be exceptionally high tides today and tomorrow and I would ask everybody to pay very close attention to advice from the Environment Agency and also to follow instructions from the police, local government and the emergency services.”

Repair works are now underway in many communities with serious damages.

The storm has also resulted to halt several scheduled international air flights.

Thousands of homes along the east coast were evacuated largest North Sea surge since the disastrous floods of 1953 hit the north Norfolk coast early on Thursday evening and headed south the night.

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