Nigel Farage accepts Nick Clegg’s EU debate challenge

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has accepted the challenge to take part in a live televised debate with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on whether the U.K. should remain a member of European Union.

Mr. Farage has expressed his keenness as he has said that he can “hardly wait” to debate Liberal Democrat leader – who challenged the UKIP leader on Thursday to take part in the debate with him.

Mr. Clegg has claimed to be the leader of “the party of ‘in'”, meaning that his party wished to remain part of the EU, he was the right choice to debate Mr. Farage, whose party, UKIP, wants the UK to leave the EU.

Mr. Clegg had said on Thursday: “If Nigel Farage is either listening or looking at this programme I hope he would take up my challenge to debate, once and for all, publicly: should we be in the European Union, which I believe means that we have more people in work than would otherwise be the case, we keep ourselves safer because we can go after cross-border crime and terrorism, it means we can look after the environment in the way that we can’t on our own?

“Or do we do what Ukip want, which is to pull ourselves out of the European Union and so jeopardise millions of jobs in this country? That’s the choice. Let’s have the debate out in the open, and I am very happy and very keen to debate that with Nigel Farage directly.”

Mr. Farage has said he had “no choice” but to agree taking up the deal as there had been no “full national debate” on the issue for many years.

Mr. Farage has told LBC 97.3 radio – the station on which the coalition partner Mr. Clegg asked for the debate 24 hours earlier: “I have battled on for 20 years.”

Mr. Farage has added: “I’ve been laughed at, ridiculed, attacked. But at no point in the 15 years I’ve been an MEP have we ever had a full national debate about the merits or demerits of EU membership. Therefore, when the Deputy Prime Minister says he wants to go public and have a debate with me on this issue, I have absolutely no choice.”

Mr. Farage also wanted the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Labour leader Ed Miliband to join the debate. However, they would not be involved as Mr. Clegg has told that this debate should just be between the two party leaders who have clear views on Europe.

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