Cameron Asks Ed Miliband to Denounce SNP deal

British PM David Cameron has demanded Labour Party’s leader Ed Miliband to denounce a possible post-election deal between Labour and the SNP in case May election results in a hung Parliament. According to Cameron, such a pact would be the “worst outcome” of May’s election. He stressed that the SNP, which campaigned for Scottish independence in the referendum, wanted to “break up our country.”

Ex-Tory chairman, Lord Baker, has already cautioned that a Tory-Labour coalition might be required after the election in order to keep the SNP from holding the balance of power. Several opinion polls suggest that the election would result in a hung parliament with no single party winning an overall majority, leading to speculation about possible coalitions, while polls in Scotland suggest the SNP could take almost all of Labour’s 41 seats.

Addressing the audience almost two months ahead of polling day, Mr. Cameron stated that “if you thought the worst outcome in this election is a Labour government led by Ed Miliband, think again,” highlighting that “you could end up with a Labour government led by Ed Miliband, propped up by Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party. Whereas, Lord Baker of Dorking also emphasized that “you could end up with an alliance between the people who want to bankrupt Britain and the people who want to break up Britain.” He said that “even today, Ed Miliband will not rule out a deal or backing from the SNP. If he cares about this country, he should do so.”

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