Brazil and Argentina suspend Beef export from Paraguay


This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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42647713d23800Due to the occurrence of foot and mouth disease in Paraguay, neighbors Argentina and Brazil have suspended the import of beef. Paraguay is the world’s seventh biggest shipper.

In order to make necessary prevention measures Argentina has termed the situation as Red Alert and has banned imports of cattle and beef from their neighbors Paraguay. Brazilian officials said they will also take necessary prevention measures and suspend import of red meat and livestock.

The foot and mouth outbreak broke out in Paraguay on September 18th. Red meat is Paraguay’s second largest export and according to U.S Department of Agriculture forecast Paraguay’s total exports were believed to rise from 290,000 to 310,000 metric tons by the end of 2011.

On September 19th 2011 Sao Paulo based JBS SA who happens to be the largest bee producer revealed that they have banned exports from Paraguay due to concerns of the foot and mouth disease. Barretos based Minerva SA, have brought an end to its operation in Paraguay.

Brazil is thought to be free from the Foot and Mouth disease with vaccination; on the other hand Argentina is completely free from the deadly disease.  If the reports of World Organization for Animal health are to be believed then Foot and Mouth disease is the most transmittable livestock disease and can result in dying of young animals.

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