Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould Promises More judges for Alberta

Federal justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, has acknowledged that her government is well aware of the low number of judges in Alberta and it will soon see some relief in the matter. In conclusion of a meeting with her provincial counterparts on Friday, Jody Wilson-Raybould promised that there will be more announcements on superior court justice appointments in the near future.

The low number of judges in Alberta was highlighted in media most recently due to a murder charge against Lance Regan being stayed because it took over five years to get the case to trial. In her remarks, the Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley mentioned that the case is deeply concerning because “it’s really troubling to see the family of a victim who is not able to get justice. We’re very very concerned about this issue. We have been in discussions with our federal counterparts and I’m confident moves will be made expeditiously and that they understand the seriousness of the concern on this issue.” According to Ganley, Alberta has the lowest number of superior court justices in Canada.

Wilson-Raybould says more superior court judge appointments are coming. It was mentioned that that “we have made efforts and appointed a number of judges to superior courts back in June. I will be making an announcement in the near future in terms of additional appointments.” Wilson-Raybould reiterated that the low number of judges is only of many issues government is trying to fix in a comprehensive review of the justice system.

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