8 Perish in Seal Beach Shooting

Police authorities in Seal Beach have announced that the death toll from the deadly saloon shooting has increased and now as many as 8 people have been pronounced dead. Another victim is in a critical condition at Long Beach Memorial Medical Centre.

Police Sgt. Steve Bowles said “This could be one of our greatest tragedies,”

A Gunman opened fire in the jam-packed salon on Wednesday, leaving the shop with bodies lying all over. Police authorities so far have said that the shooter acted alone, but they are still searching for the reason which instigated such a heinous act.

Some people who were present at the crime scene have made a statement that the shooter was targeting his wife, because the couple was fighting a custody battle.

At the time of the shooting the Meritage Saloon was crammed with customers and the alleged shooter was held by police only a few blocks away from the Saloon.

One of the deceased people included the owner of the saloon whose name was Randy Fannin.

The niece of the shop owner revealed “Randy is dead, Randy is dead for sure”

A middle-aged woman who identified herself as Cindy said she was sitting in the chair getting her hair done by Fannin when a man walked in and started shooting.

“We thought it was maybe firecrackers,” she said.  “But he just didn’t stop. Anybody he saw he was shooting.”

“It went boom, boom, boom, I was afraid he was going to shoot everybody.”

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