Labour Minister Lise Thériault Won’t Backtrack Despite the Threats

Provincial Labour Minister Lise Thériault declares her plans that absolutely do not involve limiting unions’ hiring powers on construction worksites, in spite of unlawful protests and threats.

Reportedly, Thériault’s special security was tightened Monday after a hostile phone message was sent to her over the weekend. The caller told her to drop the bill. The Sûreté du Québec is investigating the threat.

Theriault replied: “I will not keep quiet… We won’t backtrack.”

On Monday, National Assembly hearings started in Quebec City into Bill 33, which is meant to restrict unions from deciding who may work on construction sites in the province. The Quebec Federation of Labour is resisting the budge. Several workers walked off the job Monday, successfully delaying nearly all of the province’s construction sites.

QFL members reportedly walked out of The McGill University Health Centre project, at the Glen Yard in the city’s west end, Champlain College construction project on the South Shore, at 900 Riverside St. in St. Lambert., Centre Dix30 commercial/lifestyle project in Brossard, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal site in downtown Montreal and AGF Steel plant in the Montérégie region, south of Montreal.

Moreover, Montreal police says there were reports about “several broken windows” at 7:35 a.m. Monday at the Construction Commission’s offices, near Christophe Colomb Ave. and Crémazie Blvd. E. Constable Dany Richer said at least eight windows were broken, an independent on-site count determined.

“Nothing else has been reported at a criminal level. We’re keeping an eye on thing,” Richer said.

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