MP Peggy Nash enters NDP leadership race

MP Peggy Nash says if the Democrats were in charge, they would ascertain that the economy does well to all Canadians and not only to the ones on the top. On Friday, Nash launched her bid for the NDP’s leadership.

She also said that preferences for the leadership are decisive since Canada is in a time of instability and impulsive change. Referring to the European financial crisis, the American debt ceiling, and humanitarian crises in Africa, Nash said Canadians need a valid substitute for the Conservative government.

Nash said: “Small businesses including in our neighbourhood are struggling, people are losing their jobs and personal debt is higher than at any point in Canadian history.”

Keeping in mind the next 2015 election, Nash said an NDP prime minister would make sure the Canadian economy is stable and even make it stronger.

“I believe the next prime minister of Canada must be able to do two key things,” she said.

“First, she is going to have to make sure that our economy works to the benefit of all Canadians, not just the few at the top. But secondly in order to do that, she is going to have to be able to keep the Canadian economy stable and make it stronger. The present prime minister does not seem to understand this.”

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