Education Minister Takes Notice of TDSB’s Construction Overspending

Laurel Broten, the Education Minister of Canada, has taken notice of Toronto District School Board, which has surpassed all the budget deadlines of its current construction projects. Broten stated that she was extremely saddened and displeased to hear that the TDSB has not completed its projects as planned, specially the one which supposedly had 50% extra budgeting of $10 million.

Broten said that “the TDSB has a responsibility to ensure that the dollars taxpayers give to the education system are being spent for our children’s benefit, and spent wisely.” The ministry has distinguished that the construction freeze applied to the Toronto District School Board projects is only for the funding of new projects which are yet-to-started and do not affect the projects that are already in progress. Paris Meilleur, spokesperson of the minister, stated that “everything that has been approved will continue to go ahead.”

Meilleur asserted that TDSB education director, Chris Spence, and board chair, Chris Bolton, had a meeting with Broten two days ago. They unanimously agreed that there should be a temporary freeze but also concluded that “some of the trustees” might not have completely understood that this freeze will only apply the constructions which are yet to begin. Meilleur also clarified that she expects the freeze not to last too long. She stated that “we don’t want to throw good money after bad,” and “we just need to find out how these costs went up so much and so fast.”

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