Meningitis Outbreak Raises Concerns

Custom-mixed medicines, like the steroid shots, are assumed to have led to a huge meningitis outbreak raising serious concerns as its use gets much more widespread than the authorities may realize. These medicines are being mixed up at different private and hospital pharmacies, and prescribed for the treatment of merely anything ranging from cancer to menopause symptoms to vision loss.

Lack of several drugs, which are the primary prescriptions, in the market has let the doctors to extend the supplies and look for custom-made alternatives. The steroids allegedly involved in the current outbreak are also an alternative of a safe drug short on supply. The executive Vice-President of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, David Miller, stated that “because of the incredible number of drugs that are out of stock or back-ordered, compounding pharmacies are working with local hospitals, clinics and physicians to fill that gap.” The Executive Vice-President of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, Allen Vaida, implied that pharmaceutical industry needs better rules and regulation. He stated asserted that “there’s not a lot of oversight of compounding pharmacies” weighing against the drug manufacturers.

Current outbreak of fungal meningitis has already affected more than 26 people in five different states. Four of these victimized people have already passed away. Most of these victims are given the said steroid shots for the treatment of back pain. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the steroids have been acquired from the New England Compounding Center, based in Framingham, Mass and they are case is already under investigation.

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