XL Foods Inc. Comes Clean

XL Foods Inc. has finally decided to come forward and take responsibility of its action, amidst one of the biggest meat recall in Canadian history. The company confessed in an official statement that safety protocols were insufficient at its beef processing facility and that it is now going to strive for implementing better measures.

The official statement of XL Foods Inc. mentioned that the federal Agriculture Minister, Gerry Ritz, has visited the plant and the company is looking forward to work the CFIA for implementing recommended alterations to its food safety system. It said that “we will only reopen the Brooks facility when the CFIA are completely satisfied that the health of Canadians is not at risk.”

The company has recalled more than 1,500 products from not only Canada but also the United States. The statement further read that “we take full responsibility for our plant operations and the food it produces, which is consumed by Canadians from coast to coast. We are doing everything we can to take the lead in an enhanced comprehensive food safety program for our plant.”

It was mentioned that “these changes, in addition to others, when fully integrated into our existing monitoring and statistical process control programs, will allow us to improve the decision-making in our prevention program.” Lastly it declared that “we will work collaboratively with the CFIA inspectors who work at the XL Foods facility to ensure something like this never happens again.”

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