Liberals Bring Motion to Revoke Indian Act

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The House of Commons has once again started the discussion on whether to revoke the old and outdated Indian Act. The Conservatives established and tabled a private members’ bill last week which asked to remove more than a few sections of the act. This partial removal of section is highly anticipated as stepwise processes towards totally cancelling it in the future.

The Liberals, on the other hand, have also launched their own motion asking to converse with First Nations for the sake of revising the old and outdated legislation with a newer and better matched legislation which is according to the realities of today.

The Indian Act was initially implemented in 1876, it comprised of narration on the terms of the relationship between the federal Crown and First Nations. While forwarding the motion of instating a better legislation interim Liberal leader, Bob Rae, labeled the current legislation as a quintessence of failed colonial and paternalistic policies. Rae further indicated that it is shaping as a barricade in areas of economic and social development for First Nations, and hence it is very important to cancel and revise a better legislation now.

Rae also pointed out that the bill drafted by the Conservative party is without any consent and discussion with First Nations communities, whereas the motion his is putting forward is completely based on a extensive series of long talks and negotiations. Conservative MP Rob Clarke says it’s based on his discussions with aboriginal leaders.

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