State of Emergency Imposed in Wawa, Ont. Due Heavy Rain

The town of Wawa in northern Ontario has confirmed a state of emergency in the area, after they recorded a tremendous amount of rain leading to numerous flooding throughout the area.

Linda Nowicki, the mayor of Wawa, has declared a state of emergency in the town, having population of more than 3,000 residents, since late Thursday night because rain typically winded up washing all main roads connecting the town to the outer areas. Even though the rain had now stopped and there was no more downpour, but still consistent hours of rainwater had caused a stream to overflow and fill up a certain segment of the TransCanada Highway which could not be overlooked. The main road connecting the areas within the town, Highway 101, was also shut down for traffic, along with several other roads in the nearby area. The reporters claimed that majority of the road traffic were still extremely distorted till Friday morning.

All the emergency teams of the town, including a group of OPP and township’s fire fighters, were working late Thursday night up until 2 a.m. to evaluate the damage and estimate the ramifications. Authorities even had to call each and every house in the vicinity and request everyone personally to keep calm wherever they are staying. Everyone was warned not to leave their residence or intend to travel, instead be close to their phones for any update.  Mayor Nowicki asserted that she herself had called more than 250 families.

Nowicki told the media that if felt necessary she will definitely ask for additional help from outside, but so far, it was not required. She says it will be some time before roads can be temporarily reconnected.

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