Councillor Frank Di Giorgio Appointed Toronto Budget Chief

One of the low-key loyalists of of Mayor Rob Ford, Councillor Frank Di Giorgio, have been assigned as the city’s budget chief. Di Giorgio addressed Ford’s executive committee on Tuesday, after the appointment, saying that  “I understand that it’s a thankless job that I’ve put myself into so, to the extent that someone can be thankful for the opportunity to do a thankless job, I am thankful.”

Ford previously mentioned during a radio show interview on Sunday, that he is attempting to convince a veteran North York councillor to accept the position, though the mayor’s office interjected on Monday alleging that his name is only under consideration along with a short list of other candidates. The mayor took an executive decision of a surprise motion to appoint Di Giorgio at the new position, which was unanimously passed. Giorgio will be replacing the former budget chief, Councillor Mike Del Grande, who resigned last month not only as the budget chief but also from the executive committee, apparently in response to a vote call by Ford, and the council as a whole, on the $9.4 billion 2013 budget he prepared.

Di Giorgio praised the work of Del Grande, saying that “to a large extent I would rely more on staff to do the heavy work.” He alleged that “I believe councillors should be more concerned with decision-making and let the actual managers find the savings,” adding that “each department has a certain envelope of money to work with. I won’t do line-by-line (reviews) … I’m more of a generalist.”

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