Charbonneau Commission Grinds on Entrepreneur for Unclear Answers

A construction entrepreneur, Giuseppe Borsellino, returned to the witness stand of Quebec’s corruption commission this morning for answering multiple questions regarding his relationship to the former CEO of FTQ-Construction. The head of Garnier Construction, Borsellino, was fully investigated and criticized by the commission prosecutor and commission chair, France Charbonneau, for giving unclear ambiguous replies in connection to the exchange of gifts and contracts with former FTQ head Jocelyn Dupuis.

Dupuis quit from FTQ-Construction, i.e. a subsidiary of the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec representing an approx. 70,000 construction workers, in September 2008. Later in 2010,he was indicted with three fraud-related charged for allegedly billing illegal expenses to FTQ-Construction. Dupuis pleaded not guilty to the charges in court. Now Borsellino informed the Charbonneau Commission that he was just a close friend of Dupuis for years, so the gifts weren’t a shape of payment for any favouritism toward his company. Borsellino insisted staying that “Madame president, he was a friend. If he asked for something, if I could, I’d do it.”  Borsellino admitted to have given hockey tickets and paid for dinners at restaurants for Dupuis. He also admitted paying for Dupuis’s trip to Italy.

Borsellino informed the commission that he never gave any cash to Dupuis, because he never asked for it. Borsellino confessed giving keys to Dupuis of an investment property he owned at 1000 de la Commune, i.e. a building recently brought in spotlight due to its owner’s being linked to organized crime.

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