Wynne’s Throne Speech Not as Charming as Hoped

The newly elected Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has illuminated that her throne speech was particularly intended to contain elements which would appeal both opposition parties. But that hardly seems to have worked out, as the both the NDP and Progressive Conservatives do  not seem so impressed by the speech.

Tory Leader Tim Hudak asserted that his party will be voting against the speech, while claiming that a completely new government is required for ably rescuing Ontario from its financial problems. Whereas, the NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, has temporarily announced to support the throne speech, which implyies that the government will survive for now, but she also gave an ultimatum until the spring budget to have its list of demands fulfilled. The Liberals’ throne speech outlined the legislative session, declaring to pay down Ontario’s $12-billion deficit while retaining a “fair society” which leaves no one behind. Additionally it was supplemented that government will keep track of corporate taxes, work with public sector workers on wage talks and give local residents more say in whether they get a wind farm, gas plant or casino

Lt. Gov. David Onley mentioned while reading the speech, that the province currently requires all three parties to work together “in a spirit of renewed co-operation, ” and that “your new government sees a great province that brings together disparate elements and bonds them together as one.” It was added “and your government believes that the legislature should work the same way.”

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