N.S. Village Arranges a Vigil as Search Mission to Find Fishermen Fails

The tiny community in southwestern Nova Scotia suffered through an extreme shock after hearing about the decision to end the search for five fishermen since there was very little hope of survival left. A Baptist pastor in Woods Harbour, Phil Williams, asserted that “It’s deep sadness,” and “we’re going to rally together. This wonderful community is going to be extending their support to their neighbours, especially to these five precious families.”

It was decided to call of the search and rescue mission of the five young men and their tipped over boat on Tuesday evening, after which the case was handed over to the RCMP. It was acknowledged that two coast guard vessels and five aircrafts collectively overlooked more than 18,000 square kilometres of the ocean, in response to the distress signal received at 11 p.m. on Sunday.  Williams shared that several hundred people were present at the prayer vigil held at his small church, where five candles were lit for the men. The military officials added that the 13-metre fishing boat, named Miss Ally, capsized almost 120 kilometres southeast of Liverpool on Sunday. It also highlighted that the ocean’s temperature at the time was between 2 C and 4 C.

Williams explained that he has visited families of all the men, and they apparently have mixed opinions regarding the decision to end the search. He stated that “the disbelief about it all, that’s what we’re feeling,” and “there are two main opinions: those who feel the search should continue on and on and on, and those who have just come to the realization that enough has been done.”

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