Committee to Investigate Documents of Ontario Gas-Plant Cancellation

It has been decided that a legislative committee will soon be investigating the release of documents connected with the controversial decision of cancelling the gas plants and review if the Liberal government is viable to be held in contempt of parliament.

The opposition parties superseded a motion of Kathleen Wynne’s party only a day after she summoned the first legislative session as premier. Ms. Wynne suggested to appoint an investigative committee to review the cancellation of gas plants, but the opposition voted to also included the so-called cover-up of the decision to cancel the plants as well. The Liberals are accused of cancelling the plants in Mississauga and Oakville at a cost of at least $230-million for the political gain of the party only. Acting on the opposition’s demands, the government released a pile of 36,000 documents involving the closures almost year ago. Few month later, it again released another 20,000 pages, asserting that they were unintentionally missed in their first search.

The opposition has openly blamed the government for purposefully withholding the papers in a deliberate cover-up. Progressive Conservative MPP, Todd Smith, alleged on Wednesday that “misleading the House is a serious charge,” while on the other hand, the Government House Leader, John Milloy, labeled the contempt charge to be “mean-spirited.” Milloy claimed that “there was no interference by the minister or by myself in the search [for documents].” Ms. Wynne, alleged that she was “disappointed” with the outcome before heading in to Question Period. She mentioned that “my hope would have been that we could have moved on to talk about other things.”

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