Tennis Star Rebecca Marino Quits Career Due to Cyberbullying

Famous Canadian tennis star, Rebecca Marino, has made a completely unexpected announcement, which will amaze all her fans, on Wednesday declaring that she is “stepping away” from tennis as she cannot bear the ongoing endless cyberbullying any longer. The 22-year-old star from Vancouver, who has been ranked at No. 38 in the world, mentioned during an interview that she feels pressurized by the unkind comments of her critics, which have now become too much to handle.

The interview published on The New York Times’s Sunday edition highlighted that Marino has given up to the devastating effect of her internet critiques. She particularly mentioned that the negative messages from the users of Twitter have hurt her the most. She elaborated that these comments were usually made by sports gamblers who frequently wrote things like , “You gave that match away,” “You cost me such-and-such amount of money,” “You should go burn in hell.” Marino mentioned in the interview that “things were being written about me, and I’m quite sensitive about that … And I’m quite nosy, so I’ll look it up. And then I’ll realize I shouldn’t have looked it up.”

Marino’s official statement posted on the Tennis Canada website, declares that “this was not an easy decision, but there are a number of factors that have led me to this.” She has already deactivated her personal accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Her last message on her Facebook page claimed that “I just need to detach myself from the social media for a while. Thank you for understanding.”

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