Owner of Backdrop Bike Shop from Flaherty’s Budget Announcement Feels Deceived

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Owner of the bicycle shop where Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, released his budget last year has surfaced saying that he feels misled. Jose Bray, owner of the Joe Mamma bike store, mentioned that regardless of what the federal Conservatives are claiming, they are undoubtedly raising consumer taxes by increasing tariffs on goods imported from dozens of countries.

Bray mentioned in a press conference from his stores on Wednesday, that “it was a little misleading and I think calling it a tariff and saying we’re not raising taxes is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the consumer.” He alleged that “I feel misled more than anything.” Bray’s shop was the backdrop last October for a Flaherty news conference, when the minister explained details of his 2012 omnibus Budget Implementation Act. Flaherty avowed at the time that he will not increase any taxes and would give small businesses a tax credit.

An NDP critic, Murray Rankin, alleged that the Conservatives have increased the tariffs on bicycles from 8.5 per cent up to 13 per cent, which is an increment the Opposition calculates to have cost the Canadian cyclists around $5- to $6-million annually. The New Democrats explained that Canada annually imports $125-million in bicycles from various countries are effected by the increase. Rankin mentioned that “Stephen Harper promised Canadians that he would not impose new taxes on them, but he is raising taxes on bicycles and over 1,200 types of consumer goods.”

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  1. this normal and typical of harper and the corruption party ! they pull off this s— everyday. that’s why these parasites are going down FAST next election ! GUARANTEED !!!!!

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