Canadian Border Remains on High Alert since Boston Bombing Manhunt

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The American authorities have locked down the city of Boston since early Friday morning, while instructing residents to remain indoors and halted every transit system as they began an extensive manhunt for the bombing suspects. However, airports in the city were kept open, although with heightened security. At the same time, land border crossings in neighboring states were also kept on high alert, along with Canada.

An official statement from The Canadian Border Service Agency stated that “the agency has taken a wide range of measures to increase vigilance and maximize the CBSA’s capacity to conduct risk assessments of people and goods before they arrive in Canada.” Discussing measure taken by Canadian authorities, the director of the Cross-Border Transportation Centre, William Anderson, guessed that “you just do the same thing, but you do it more intensively. You open more trunks of cars, you take more people in for additional screening, you just ramp everything up.” He explained that “it’s based on a risk assessment methodology and if you know that there is somebody at large, then obviously the risk is greater and so it justifies more concentration of resources on that.”

Even though Anderson teaches at the University of Windsor, he was born and lived in Boston. He speculated that “there would have been a concern that if those people had fled from the Boston area they might look to cross into Canada as part of their attempt to escape justice.” He added that “but if they feel like they’ve got their people, that might lighten it up a bit.”

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