Hamilton man arrested for stolen concert tickets being sold on Kijiji

Hamilton Police Service was alerted to the theft of property as a result of a break in to of a motor vehicle on Cumberland Ave in Hamilton, which occurred either on June 18th or 19th of this year. Taken in the theft were concert tickets with a total face value of approximately $15,000.00. This incident was reported to Hamilton Police on June 21, 2010.

Late in the evening of June 24th, Hamilton Police learned that the stolen tickets were now being sold on Kijiji. Further information also revealed that there were numerous persons selling these tickets. As a result of this information, one male has been arrested in relation to this incident and the investigation continues.

Update Sunday June 27th, 2010….

As a result of further investigation Hamilton Police, Central Criminal Investigations Division, have recovered 22 stolen tickets and returned them to the original owner.

A list of the outstanding stolen concert tickets has been compiled and is attached with this media release. All of the outstanding stolen tickets have been cancelled and these tickets have no face value, nor will they be accepted at the concert venues.


Hamilton Police believe there are a number of innocent victims in the community, who are of the belief that they purchased tickets legitimately, who intend to attend the concert on the scheduled date, and not aware their tickets have been cancelled.

Hamilton Police are appealing to the public that anyone with any of the stolen tickets please contact Hamilton Police and provide what information they can on this matter. Any and all information may be of value.

*UPDATE*………………………Monday June 28th, 2010.

Hamilton Police Service has arrested a 31 year old, Hamilton male after he was found to be in possession of a quantity of stolen concert tickets. The investigation is continuing and police believe that other suspects may also be involved in the illegal sale of outstanding stolen tickets.

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