Expenses of All Senators to be checked by Auditor General Michael Ferguson

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It has been officially confirmed that Ottawa’s budget watchdog will be examining expenses of every member of Senate in light of a recent scorching Senate spending scandal that enforced four Senators to repay thousands of dollars in lieu of improperly claimed living and travel costs. This week, the Senate approved a request of Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, to initiate an all-inclusive and in-depth examination of the spending by all members of the upper chamber.

Consequently, the living and travel expenses of every senator are going to be inspected either with or without their intent to participate. The senate first requested such scrutiny back in June, when the situation began to worse over spending scandal placing four senators over the edge, while igniting public calls for Senate abolishment and increasing pressure on the Prime Minister Stephen Harper to attend to one of the worst political crises of his time in government.

Ferguson informed media sources from his office on Thursday that he has planned to thoroughly inspect the expense claims of each and every individual senator and “going through those on a specific basis.” Ferguson revealed that he planned to initiate the audit soon, i.e. a process expected to take up to 18 months. However, he did seem inclined towards the idea of releasing initial findings much before the audit was completely finished. He mentioned that “we haven’t come to that decision yet, but we understand that people don’t want to wait 18 months to get all the information.”

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