Baird Says Canada May Not Be Able to Participate Militarily in Syria

Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, John Baird, has mentioned in a press conference that Canada will cooperate with its allies in any strike against Syria, though his country might not have the military capacity to actually participate in the fight. After meeting with the president of the Syrian National Council in Montreal, George Sabra, Mr. Baird informed reporters on Wednesday that “it’s clear that Canada does not have a lot of weaponry in the region and certainly not military force involving cruise missiles and the like, so we will wait to see what (United States) President Obama decides.”

Considering the quickly changing circumstances, Baird alleged that it is too early to consider recalling a parliamentary session just to debate on the issue, which is something asked by New Democrat Leader, Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau. Baird alleged that “we haven’t made the decision to be part, or don’t know whether we have the capacity to be part, of any military engagement, which by all accounts will be limited and focused.”

Baird has explained to have discussed the issue with Mulcair, Trudeau, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Jean-François Fortin, the foreign affairs critic for the Bloc Québécois, at the request of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He added that “we share the same views in terms of sending a clear message to (Syrian) President Assad that this type of action is unacceptable and that we don’t want to see any further use of chemical weapons.”

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