Liberal Leader says it’s Not Too Late for Houda-Pepin to Return

Liberal Leader, Philippe Couillard, mentioned in a statement issued on Friday evening that it’s not too late if Fatima Houda-Pepin wants to make it right, despite her having had gravely distanced herself from the caucus. Couillard alleged that Houda-Pepin will have to elaborately justify her statements to the caucus after her very unlikely departure from the party line over the charter of values.

Couillard admitted that “she has made a serious move” and so “the consequences could be as serious if she does not act rapidly. Knowing Mme. Houda-Pepin’s attachment to Liberal values, I want this correction to happen. An act of reconciliation remains possible to avoid the consequences.” However, so far there has been no reply to that call from Houda-Pepin, who is MNA for the South Shore riding of La Pinière. A source close the MNA revealed that she will not be commenting on the situation immediately because she is only committed to appear in public next at a Liberal caucus in Quebec City on Tuesday.

However, anti-Liberal forces in the province were quick to take advantage of the situation and lay out allegations on the caucus for rare event in a party known for its discipline. Liberal leader has already been accused of muzzling Houda-Pepin over the proposed charter, which the Parti Québécois heaped praise on Houda-Pepin, i.e. a 20-year party veteran first elected in 1994. Speaking about the only Muslim MNA in the legislature, Premier Pauline Marois stated that “Mme. Houda-Pepin is a courageous woman, she is constant, she is coherent,” adding that “that is what we want in this debate — that everyone get to express themselves freely.”

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