10 Tips to Look Your Best

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Men are becoming more and more groomed and fashion conscious. It looks like men have realized that self grooming and maintenance is not just a ladies realm. Because of increasing fashion awareness, men are more conscious about their good looks. Grooming habits vary with time. It is a fact that people instantly judge you by your looks. Here are essential tips for men’s grooming. 

First of all start from basics. It starts from a good body. If you take care of your body, you have done half job in making you well groomed. Eat good and balanced meal with regular exercise. Be a man with good habits which make your lasting first impression.

– Pamper your skin. I f you want your skin to glow then drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Drinking a glass of water daily in the morning does wonders for your complexion. Get enough sleep to avoid puffy eyes and also moisturize your skin regularly especially after taking bath. Before steeping out make sure that you don’t have any smudges of dirt on your face and hair.

– Shave regularly to look your best. If you have a beard, French or moustache, make sure to trim it neatly daily so that no stray hair sticks out. Also reduce the possibilities of getting nicked while shaving.

– Chapped lips can spoil your looks. Use a lip balm regularly to keep your lips moisturized and smooth.

– Take shower regularly. This is a step you are not allowed to miss because it is simple. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly and never let your hair look greasy and straggly.

– Hands are the more noticeable part of your body. Make sure to have neat and clean hands. Trim and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them. Always use a good moisturized to keep your hands smooth and soft. 

– After self maintenance, pay attention to dressing and styling. Clothes that are fit, well ironed and clean are important. Most of men’s personality reflects through his dressing. So don’t underestimate the importance of dressing. The fit is also important to look good. It is not about wearing expensive and branded clothes but they should be fit.

– Men’s personality and overall appearance are also judged by shoes. If you are wearing formal shoes make sure they are not scuffed and dirty. They should be shiny and polish well. Use foot powder on your feet.

– Smelling good is also essential. Sweat is inevitable, but can be beaten. Don’t go overbroad with a strong smelling perfume. Pick good cologne and stick to it. After every shower use a good roll on. Don’t ever go cheap while buying perfume. Not only it reacts badly your skin but also it can never smell as good as the original. Never try to disguise your bodily smell with cologne. Instead go for shower. Also wear undershirt if you sweat a lot.

Make sure you check yourself in the mirror to see if you need to adjust anything in your attire.

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