White House Officials Were Warned About Health Website Failure

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The White House officials had received warnings in March that the health website was lacking behind in schedule and would have a problematic roll-out due to time constraints. The fact was unveiled after the House of GOP released documents to reveal the truth behind the troublesome beginning of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It alerted the Obama administration that immediate steps had to be taken to rectify problems.

A management consulting firm, Mckinsey & Company, had prepared the report in March and sent it to the Department of Health and Human Services, informing them that the website was facing crucial issues and needs more time to be constructed effectively. The report clearly indicated that there was  ‘significant dependency on external parties/contractors’ and ‘insufficient time and scope of end to end testing’ of Healthcare.gov . Mckinsey had held several meetings that month at the Health and Human Services headquarters and also at the White House.

‘The administration was on track — on track for a disaster — and yet officials refused to be transparent with the Congress and the American people,’ said Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee and Republican of Michigan, Representative Fred Upton. Upton released the report and posted it online. Furthermore another report by the Mitre Corporation, one of the firms hired to check the website’s integrity and security, revealed that it was “unable to adequately test the confidentiality and integrity” and could not finish a ‘complete end-to-end testing’.

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