Another Ontario Farm Infected by PED, Piglet Killing, Virus

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Veterinary officers in Ontario have confirmed that the virus that killed hundreds of piglets on a Middlesex farm has now been detected on a Chatham-Kent farm. According to reports of Ontario veterinary officials, a third barn in Chatham-Kent is also being tested for the disease as of Monday. It was quoted that the virus, i.e. Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED), has already killed almost one million to four million pigs in the United States causing a surge in pork prices south of the border.

The virus was first detected in Canada on the Middlesex farm in southwestern Ontario last week. In a statement issued by Ontario’s chief veterinary officer, Greg Douglas, he mentioned that here was no direct connection between the Middlesex case and the new ones in Chatham-Kent. Douglas explained that PED is not a food-safety related issue and hence he declared that all pork is safe for human consumption.

Douglas mentioned that almost 100% of the newborn pigs on the Middlesex farm have died, whereas pigs at Chatham-Kent firm were older and so aren’t dying from the disease. The disease was confirmed on the Chatham-Kent barn on the weekend, were more than 2,000 suspected cases have been found out of the total 3,000 hogs. Chair of Ontario Pork, Amy Cronin, also revealed being in contact with the Middlesex farmer and alleged that it is an emotionally difficult time for the producer since his piglets are dying. Cronin added that in case the disease spreads across Canada, it might cost the pork industry up to $45 million in losses.

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