Ford’s Wife Confided He Was ‘Not Giving up the Blow’ After Becoming Mayor

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A new book based on the life of the infamous Mayor of Canada’s largest city Toronto, Rob Ford, revealed that soon after he was elected mayor, Ford’s wife tried to rid her husband from partying, as she confided in a man that he is “not giving up the blow.” The book entitled, ‘Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story,’ is written by one of two Toronto Star reporters who allegedly saw a video showing the mayor smoking a crack pipe, i.e. Robyn Doolittle, and is set to release Monday.

The book claims that Renata Ford told a man, identified as “John,” in a Tim Hortons parking lot outside Etobicoke that “he still thinks he’s going to party.” Renata Ford alleged that “he thinks that he, oh, you know, ‘I’ll get off the pills, but I’m not giving up the blow’” and worried that these habits could “ruin” his life. Ms. Doolittle claims to have heard the conversation between Renata Ford and “John” on a recording, and the book adds that Renata Ford was unaware that her conversation was being recorded. The Crazy Town states that the confidant told Renata Ford about “methadone, withdrawal symptoms and clinics that will be discreet.”

According to Mayor Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, the conversation never happened, whereas Mayor Ford’s office declined the request to comment on the matter too. Mr. Ford was recently accused of being ticketed for jaywalking and public intoxication in Vancouver on Friday night, however he denies claims of public intoxication.

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