Escalator Victim’s Friend Confirms She Wasn’t Strangled by Hijab

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The most authentic account of what happened around the death of Naima Rharouity reveals that she just dropped her son off at daycare and walked four blocks from the École St-Gabriel Lalement in Villeray and into the Fabre métro station. Police claims that apparently her scarf was entangled in the station’s escalator that asphyxiated the 47-year-old woman soon after 9:15 a.m. on Thursday.

While the accident took place, a fellow commuter attempted to rescue Rharouity from the clutches of the machine and later also tried to perform CPR when she stopped breathing. However, the paramedics arrived a little too late because by the ambulance arrived on scene, Rharouity was already dead. This account of events was reported by an anonymous friend of Rharouity who claims that she felt the need to express her story because of a false report in Quebecor Media that claims Rharouity’s hijab, not her scarf, was the cause of the accident.

Rharouity’s friend mentioned in exact words that “it’s upsetting to me that there’s so much emphasis on the hijab and the fact that Rharouity was a Muslim.” She mentioned that “her hijab would have been tucked neatly under her winter coat and a long scarf.” It was further elucidated that “I spoke to the person who was next to her when it happened and she says it was a scarf that got caught. I wear a hijab, too, and it just seems impossible that it could ever get caught in an escalator.”

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