Police, Child Services Examine Homes of Lev Tahor to look for Children

Members of Chatham-Kent Children Services and Chatham-Kent police examined a number of homes in the town along with more than a dozen homes in a complex that belonged to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor. The authorities were implementing a court order that asked them to apprehend 14 youth who were the subjects of a court hearing on Wednesday. Several members of Lev Tahor community were present at the complex at the time of examination, but none of the children officials were specifically looking for were found at the complex.

Meanwhile, an emergency motion was filed in court by children services on Wednesday afternoon, but the context and content of that motion is unknown since the media was not allowed to be present at the time of court proceedings. The search of the complex has come at a time when the members of the sect were denied transit to Guatemala through Trinidad and Tobago. Immigration officials claim that the members of Lev Tahor boarded a plane in Toronto destined for Piarco International Airport on Monday.  During an interview with the immigration authorities, they revealed to have discovered “inconsistencies” in the travel plan.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of National Security in Trinidad and Tobago, Marcia Hope, alleged that “as a consequence, and in adherence to international immigration protocols, the group was rejected and advised of their inability to travel on to Guatemala.” Consequently, the sect was ordered to return to Canada, but the group instead hired a lawyer to advocate their concerns with local authorities. “Their spokesman Mr. Avraham Dinkel has continued to negotiate with local authorities to travel on to Guatemala and not return to Canada.”

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  1. The real horrifying issue with this CULT is, the welfare of the young innocent children at the dangerous Lev Tahor cult. It baffles me how members of the Lev Tahor cult can claim religious persecution and anti-Semitism when they have fled twice to escape a judge’s ruling, making a huge Chilul Hashem, all over the world.

    If it was you and you felt that an injustice has been committed, would you not appear at the hearing in order to plea your case? this cult leaders son Nachman Helbranz has been sent by his father Erez Shlomo Helbranz all over the world to fight on behalf of the cult in many courts, he has traveled as far as Mcomment_IDdle East to fight in court, and when he saw that he was loosing he fled back home immediately.

    This “wild west” kind of behavior, would indicate that they are truly guilty of wrongdoing to their children, they abused by them, in many ways including sexual. An innocent person stands up and fights for their rights, they do not flee with their tail between their legs. The main concern is, the welfare of the young children, whose parents have indoctrinated them into this horrible cruel cult led my some cold-blooded monsters and gangsters the “Hell-Brans”.

    If the allegations of poor physical health, lack of education and subjection to corporal punishment etc. are found to be true, then the children should be placed into foster care immediately, regardless of the cult leaders beliefs, the leaders have been known to be vicious mind controlling people, who force them to obey their orders like Stalin dcomment_ID, the Nazis where kinder people, then the leaders of this terrorizing ruthless cult.

    It is inexcusable and intolerable in today’s society to allow the abuse and neglect of our most vulnerable, especially if it is permitted under the guise of so-called “religious inclusion” as Lev Tahor has been known to be a real cult, for the longest time.

    It would set a very dangerous precedent indeed, to allow the nasty leaders, Nachman & Erez Shlomo Helbranz etc. for further abuses of power under the smoke screen of religious freedom, they should be tried as the war criminals, lock them up and loose the key, forever more, they have proven to be a bunch of deceiving swindling and cheating people.

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