Parole Board Allows Unescorted Absences from Prison to Hennessey

The Parole Board of Canada has finally decided to allow one of the men convicted in connection to the 2005 killings of four RCMP officers outside of Mayerthorpe in 2005, Shawn Hennessey, to leave the prison without supervision. Hennessey received permission in his second attempt as he requested request the parole board for the second time on Wednesday morning.

In its decisions, the Parole Board of Canada allowed Shawn Hennessey unescorted temporary passes, implying that he could leave the prison for up to 72 hours once each month for six months. The parole board made the considerate decision after a hearing at Bowden Institution earlier on Wednesday morning. During the hearing, Hennessey made an elaborate confession and admitted to full responsibility for his actions, alleging that he could have chosen to report that he had given James Roszko a ride to his farm near Mayerthorpe.

Four RCMP officers were later attacked by him on the property hours later on early March 3, 2005. Prior to the shooting, the four officers, including Constables Brock Myrol, Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon and Leo Johnston, were staking out a marijuana grow-op and auto chop shop, which was recently discovered on Roszko’s property. Roszko killed himself, after he was shot by another RCMP officer who had just arrived at the scene. In his previous appeal, Hennessey made similar request before the parole board in April 2012, but his request was denied.

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  1. Four RCMP cops go down. Next thing you know, one of the guilty, will be getting out !!???!!??? Has the judge in the case been thrown in jail yet ? How does a judge become a judge ? Oh yeah, you have to be as stupcomment_ID as hell !!!!!!!!!!

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