Kelly Invited to this Year’s Garrison Ball Instead of Ford

Committee chair of the annual military Garrison Ball, John Wright, confirmed that this year the event will be attended by Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly as Toronto’s representative instead of Mayor Rob Ford. Wright confirmed that Mr. Ford has not been invited to this weekend’s Garrison Ball, i.e. the same event he was reportedly asked to leave in February 2013. According to an email authored by Mr. Wright, Kelly’s scheduled appearance this year is not related to Ford’s appearance at last year’s event.

In his email, Wright pointed out that each year the ball is hosted by a different regiment of the Toronto Garrison, which is responsible to decide which theme to adopt and which “premier” guest to invite. He alleged that “it has never been a tradition to invite the Mayor of Toronto to the event; it has been an occasional invitation based on the occasion/theme.” However, Mr. Ford had been previously invited to the Garrison Ball for the past two years, both of which were themed on the War of 1812. Wright alleged that since the theme was specific to the history of Toronto, it was “appropriate” to invite the mayor.

Mr. Wright pointed out that “in 2012, Mayor Ford was invited, accepted but did not show at the event; in 2013 he was invited and showed up briefly.” He added that “the only other mayor I can recall invited in the past decade was Mayor (David) Miller and that was for an evening hosted by the Toronto Scottish regiment.”

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