Hudak Warns Wynne is Just another McGuinty

Addressing the audience of a party fundraiser on Thursday, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak alleged that Premier Kathleen Wynne has not been able to get rid of the controversies surrounding former Liberal premier, Dalton McGuinty, because she is not so different from him. The fundraiser hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre collected a Tory-record $2.7 million.

Mr. Hudak warned Wynne wants to continue the course set by McGuinty in 2003. He stated that “she says we need more of the same McGuinty formula — that it wouldn’t be ‘safe’ to make any change,” responding to premier’s recent appeal for Ontarians to keep the province in her “safe hands” if there’s an election.  The PC Leader alleged that “the McGuinty-Wynne view is that the role of a leader is to watch the ship of state drift with the current, standing ready to take the credit if it happens to wash up on a friendly shore.”

Explaining his own vision, Mr. Hudak asserted that “my view could not be more different. We will hoist Ontario’s sail. I will get out and row, but we will reach our destination of jobs and hope and opportunity even if the current fights us every foot of the way.” He added that “the premier says to steer the ship is too risky. I say the danger is the drift.” Just as Wynne was gearing up to spew negativity about Hudak by the highlighting polarizing former PC premier Mike Harris, the Tory leader gained a political advantage by linking her to McGuinty in the minds of voters.

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