Veteran’s Frustrated Spouse Shouts at Fantino over Funding

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Amid growing criticism over Veterans Affairs Minster spending millions in funding an elaborate advertising campaign, spouse of a former Canadian Forces sergeant, Jenny Migneault, alleged that these ad dollars are being misspent while complaining that families of veterans continue to suffer from PTSD and struggle without sufficient government aid.

A report revealed that the veteran affairs department spent an additional $4 million on advertising this year, explaining which the Veterans Affairs minister alleged that it is an effort to separate the truth from “misinformation” that has circulated regarding the treatment of former soldiers. However, Migneault shouted at the minister regarding the funding on Thursday, chasing him after he left the House of Commons committee hearing. She alleged “Mr. Fantino, I’m just a vet’s spouse” and claimed that “you’re forgetting us, once more. We’re nothing to you.” However, the minister ignored the questions from reporters and Migneault, saying that he had to get to a vote in the House of Commons.

It was not an isolated event since Mr. Fantino has previously had numerous uncomfortable encounters with veterans who demanded answers over the closure of federal offices. However, later on Thursday evening, Fantino’s office clarified that the minister was not aware of Migneault’s presence among the crush of reporters shouting questions. It was added that the minister’s office has had contact with Migneault and her family in the past but failed to comment further on their interaction due to privacy concerns.

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